Our Mission

Amateur Radio Association of the Tonawandas is a non-profit educational organization of amateur radio enthusiasts.

The core mission of the Amateur Radio Association of the Tonawandas is to:

PROVIDE value to the community, (FCC part 97.1.a) focuses services as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

PROMOTE scientific education and knowledge of radio engineering and communication skills by facilitating the exchange of information, improving individual operating efficiency and strengthening the welfare of amateur radio in the community.

Encourage camaraderie by providing a forum for members to meet and exchange information, share experiences, and socialize with one another.

ARATS assures success by having an organization with a focus on its goals, a system of leadership development, prudent financial management and a vision toward and dedication to public service.

Arats amateur radio assiciation meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm, meeting location:Tonawanda City Hall, 200 Niagara Street, City of Tonawanda NY.

The purpose of our meetings is the education of amature radio to further educate our members by bring in guest speakers who have interesting projects and or knowledge for the purpose of teaching our members about the hobby.

We allways encourage our members to bring guests to a meeting.

For more information please contact any of our board members.

Or you can contact me directly by phone or text at my cell(716)-417-3793 Mon Through Fri, 9 to 5pm.

Bob Fleischauer, KC2SZQ ARATS President.